Monday, September 7, 2009

September 1st – Muddy Fork Camp to Trail 96 Junction

Had some light rain over night, but things seemed to be clearing up by the time we woke up. We were thankful since we were headed toward Goat Rocks Wilderness – an area known for beautiful scenery (at least when the weather is nice). The views kept getting better as the day went on – lots of jagged mountain peaks, alpine meadows, and charming creeks. We felt like we were back in the German/Austrian Alps. Ended the day at a fantastic campsite with a great view looking back at Mt. Adams. One of the best parts of thru-hiking is looking back from where you have come and seeing how far you walked in just one day. It was crazy to think we had camped just next to Mt. Adams the previous night and now it already looked quite a distance away.


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