Monday, September 7, 2009

August 29th – Cascade Locks

Today was PCT day at Cascade Locks. Hikers from ahead on the trail hitched back and hikers from behind on the trail hitched forward. Luckily, we hit the Locks just at the right time and didn’t have to hitch. PCT day is a celebration of the PCT – lots of time to catch up with fellow hikers, meet new people, and talk with vendors. Our friends Sarbar, Dicentra, and Jared came up for the day along with their kiddos Ford and Maddy. It was so good to see friend from back home – it has been a LONG time without seeing anybody from “home”. The day was perfectly chill – just hanging out with good friends and gabbing endlessly. The night ended with a movie showing by Squatch and a photography presentation by Nabor J.


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