Monday, September 7, 2009

August 30th – Cascade Locks to Spring near Big Mosquito Lake

We hated to give up the comfy bed and warm room at the Best Western, but the trail was calling our name – we only have 8 more days left of hiking (not that we are counting or anything ;-)). Due to needing to be to Snoqualmie Pass by September 6th, we asked Dicentra to give us a ride to Crest Campground, skipping a viewless, boring 51 mile section of trail. This ride allows us to be a little more relaxed on the trail and not have to pull out the mega miles the next 8 days. Thanks Di for the ride (and Sarbar for the navigating) – we really appreciate it!

The rest of the day was pretty boring hiking, but luckily went by fast. We saw our first elk of the trip – amazing how as soon as we cross into Washington, we see elk. Lucked out with some more trail magic – Water and Bucket (AT ’07) had come out to Road 24 for the day. We arrived about 6pm and they were just starting to clean up after a busy day of trail magic. We got there just in time - along with 4 other thru-hikers, so we cleaned Water and Bucket of all their remaining food – including hot dogs, bacon, breakfast sausages, yellow watermelon, Hostess cupcakes, donut holes, chips, and soda/beer. Managed to just spend just an hour at the trail magic and made it a couple more miles until dark. Found a spot in a meadow near Big Mosquito Lake. Luckily, the lake didn’t live up to it’s name – the bugs weren’t too bad.


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