Monday, September 7, 2009

September 3rd – White Pass to Chinook Pass

Fell asleep quickly last night after our Lasagna party. Two big plates of pasta & garlic bread combined with five Alaskan Ambers did me in. Sleep went well until thunder and lightning woke me up sometime around 1:00. Never really managed to get back to sleep after that mess.

Managed to check out of the ski lodge and hit the trail with Peter Shaw (Peanut Eater) by 7:30. We sort of hiked with him throughout the day. Our speed was a bit quicker than his so we eventually separated. We hoped to complete 27 miles today so we needed to push it faster than he did.

Saw a few elk. Man, those are some magnificent animals. I always thought they looked like the spawn of an accidental mating between a horse and a deer. Not the most graceful animals when they go crashing through the brush. Sound a bit like a fat kid tumbling in a thicket.

The weather cleared up a bit for us later in the day. Hiked down to Chinook Pass during the rise of a full moon. My left pinky toe hurt like hell today. I hope it can handle 3 more days of this.


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