Monday, September 7, 2009

September 6th – Twilight Lake to Snoqualmie Pass

Couldn’t sleep last night. Lost a lot of sleep because I kept thinking about the fact that we no longer have to hike after today and my hip muscles were aching all night. Rain clouds unloaded all they had on us this morning around 4:00. Two hours of heavy rain tempted Tori and I to sit and wait it out but it all ended around 6:30. Thank God! We were not looking forward to walking home in a downpour. Well, rain or shine, we only had to walk ten miles and it would all be over with.

As we arrived at the top of the Snoqualmie ski area and looked down at the pass below us….I began to feel a little weird. I couldn’t believe that we were really home – really ending our trip. The peaks surrounding the pass looked very foreign to me though I had seen them all many times before. Thick rain clouds broke up around the peaks and floated eerily through the pass. It was so hard to believe that we were really here. Even more….it was tough to believe that we actually walked here from the Mexican border.

Tori and I took a couple of pictures, yodeled a bunch, and kissed a bunch more before walking down to the Family Pancake House to stuff ourselves one last time.



  1. Welcome home! I went up at 5 to greet you, but sinde there was no sign of Sarbar, I knew you were already long gone by then - probably soaking in a nice warm tub somewhere. Looking forward to a great slide show!


  2. Congrats!!!!!! What an amazing journey! Glad you are both home safely. :)

  3. What a trip! We were in Maine when you returned, but would love to have met you at the Pancake House. We will look forward to catching up (just a little) at church. Jeff and Kris