Monday, September 7, 2009

September 5th – Road Laced Crest Saddle to Twilight Lake

Yep, we have bad rain. This sucks ass. Everything was wet today. Everything! I don’t handle cold and wet conditions very well. I turn into a snot-nosed little punk – full of moans, groans, aches, pains, and complaints. After four hours of hiking, we stopped at a road for lunch. Decided we needed a hot meal in our bellies so I sparked up the stove. While the water boiled, I got a little campfire going so that we could get a bit of warmth and hopefully dry our shirts.

Train Wreck and Moneyshot arrived just as we were getting ready to leave. They experienced the same wet and cold conditions so we left the fire with them to enjoy.
Was tough to keep going today. I just wanted to stop. Tori didn’t complain at all and that encouraged me to shut my mouth and suck up the misery. I knew that it would all be over eventually.

Arrived at Twilight Lake around 8:30 this evening. No Trace and Unbreakable we occupying the only campsite in the marshy terrain surrounding the lake. Thankfully, they invited us to squeeze our little tent into a small patch of open ground next to theirs. They also had a nice little fire blazing when we arrived so we were able to dry out a bit before heading to bed.


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